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The Importance of Carpet Pads

The right carpet pad can make a huge difference in how much you like your carpet!

Buy Denver Carpet Padding

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The most obvious reason you need a good carpet pad is because it feels nice under foot. A carpet pad can make a huge difference in how the carpet feels. You will love the soft feel of the carpet under foot with a nice carpet pad.

Sounds like a nice carpet pad!

When you’re walking around, there’s another benefit of carpet pads that other people in the house will love: sound dampening! Instead of your feet landing hard on the floor, the carpet pad will soften and diffuse the sound of your feet. Continue reading

Denver is Having Mud Season in January

With the warm weather we’ve been having in Denver, carpets are getting beaten up.

Denver carpets hate these feet!You don’t need LASIK to see the problem: you have two kids, three dogs, and your rug is starting to look three shades darker than it started. You have Denver weather all over your carpet.

1. Clean the carpet

We offer professional carpet cleaning services that will make your carpet look like new. Our steaming method removes 99.8% of all moisture after cleaning, so you can get back to enjoying your carpet immediately after we’re done.

2. Replace your carpet

Carpet cleaning is the obvious first choice…but cleaning can’t repair damaged carpet. Carpet fibers get frayed and carpet thins over time.

When you realize this, you’ll want to contact us for the best Denver carpet prices and carpet buying experience. Contact us today for a quote that includes a free carpet installation quote.

Spring mud is months early, so come see us about it!

If you want the most stain-resistant, high-tech, environmentally-friendly carpet (at the best prices in Denver), call us today.